I'm a designer. For me, there is nothing greater than the poster–a giant sheet of print bearing strong, powerful, smart ideas. I've seen posters that have made my knees weak and my head spin. This is the kind of work I want to create.

To be honest, I make a lot of different design. In fact, I have a great job as Lead UX/UI Designer at Indiana University; during the day I'm more likely to be knee-deep in user interface and experience design.

Ultimately, the crux of my obsession is image-making and a user’s experience. Whatever the format, I'm interested in making work that moves an audience. What this requires is a powerful concept–a design that will catch your eye and your mind. The legendary french designer A.M. Cassandre wrote, "a good poster should enter through the eye, and explode in the brain." That's my goal.

If all that sounds good to you, hire me.

Check out my favorite poster work here. I also collect posters–see them here.